St Andrew’s College
within The University of Sydney

Centre for Education

We are a 155-year-old college within The University of Sydney, and Australia’s fastest-growing independent education provider. Through our Centre for Education, we offer world-leading nanodegrees, workshops, and seminars in partnership with leading academics and industry experts working in some of the world’s finest universities and companies (such as The University of Sydney, McKinsey & Co, and Ernst & Young). Each and every program we run is designed to leave students better equipped to think through complex problems, innovate, and look at the world through a critical lens. 

About US

The St Andrew's College Centre for Education was formed for the purpose of facilitating life-changing educational experiences. Our courses enable students to:

  • Meet inspiring academics and industry leaders
  • Participate in interactive, small-scale tutorials (1:6)
  • Work on real-world projects under the guidance of leading academics 
  • Think "beyond the curriculum" 
  • Cultivate important soft skills, including problem solving and communication

We are presently expanding the Centre with a vision of enabling more students to experience the Andrew's Difference.

Faculty Members

Percentage of Graduates who Indicated That They Would Enrol In Another Course Run By The Centre for Education

Industry Partners

St Andrew’s College

Centre for Education

We are a 155-year-old college within The University of Sydney, and Australia’s fastest-growing independent education provider. 


Our Faculty

Our teaching faculty comprises a core team of permanent lecturers, as well as guest lecturers from organisations such as The University of Sydney, McKinsey & Co, The University of Oxford, Ernst & Young, and AirTree Ventures. We have a mixture of permanent teaching staff and guest teachers, all of whom are passionate about changing people’s lives through education. 


Undergraduate Programs

Certificate of Problem Solving

Undergraduate Nanodegree
July 1 – August 1 (Intensive)

Our Certificate of Problem Solving is a cross-disciplinary intensive course that teaches the frameworks needed to solve the problems society is grappling with. 

Certificate of Innovation

Undergraduate Nanodegree
July 1 – August 1 (Intensive)

Our Certificate of Innovation was designed by some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and investors, and equips students with the skills they need to start building a thriving start-up. 

GAMSAT Workshop Series

Preparation Course
April 1 – August 15 (Weekly Class)

Our GAMSAT Workshop Series helps students obtain the grade they need in the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test in order to gain admission to their preferred medical school. 


High School Programs

8 Weeks, 1 Session per week

HSC Mentoring Program

Our HSC Mentoring Program involves pairing up with a high-achieving residential student of St Andrew’s College, who can help you achieve your HSC goals. The costs of this program are covered by a private foundation.  

8 Weeks, 1 Session Per Week

HSC Skills Workshop Series

Our HSC Skills Workshop Series are designed to equip HSC students with the study skills they need to study efficiently, manage their time well, and ace their exams and internal assessments. All workshops are run by HSC graduates who achieved an ATAR of 99 or higher, ensuring that all advice is practical and relevant. 


The Andrew's Difference

Small Scale Classes

All of our classes feature 1:6 classes with impressive tutors, who oversee and work with students on exciting projects that matter. 

Industry Networks

By completing our courses, students gain access to a network of passionate 'do-ers' willing to mentor, answer tricky questions, and help out after courses have finished. 


Capabilities are best developed through practice. All of our courses involve completing a project, such as presenting a problem to a mock board or developing a minimal viable product. 

Futureproof Yourself

The world is changing, and your skillset must evolve accordingly. This doesn't only mean learning technical skills, but being able to grapple with questions about what changing technology means for humanity. 

World Class Faculty

Every member of our faculty has been hand-picked and engaged on the basis of their passion for teaching and expertise. 

Rethinking Learning

While online learning has offered us a great deal of convenience, the human element of education is of paramount importance in developing soft skills and maintaining high levels of learner engagement.